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Glueless wig bands by pureglamtress

Keep your wig secured and in place without glue, adhesives or a professional. Over 1000 PureGlamTress Glueless Wig Bands sold across the U.S allowing our customers to wear their fav wigs more beautifully and confidently than ever without glue or sprays!

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Why You Need The Glueless Wig Band

The glueless wig band will allow you to wear your glueless wigs more confidently and beautifully than before. The band is undetectable and will keep your wig in place so it won't slip or slide. 

No more embarrassing photos where your wig was out of place and pushed back. 

Makes your fav wig last longer because the glueless wig band will save your lace from messy gunk allowing you to keep your lace clean for longer wear. 

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Save Your Edges From Glue Damage

The PureGlamTress Glueless Wig Band is the REAL glueless method. This band will save your edges from thinning and balding from glue and other adhesives. It's breathable and undetectable allowing you to securely wear your wigs more beautifully and confidently then ever!

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